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Why is it important to have some buggers at your workplace

How do you keep yourself motivated to go to your workplace daily?

Ask someone to any oh-am-so-work-o-holic and he would give you all kind of crappy answers about what keeps this I-can-work-24-hours machine. From cups-of-coffees to month-end-monies, that is all what keeps them motivated at their workplaces.

But have you ever thought about what is that thing that will keep you motivated and make you go to your workplace day after day after day? Since recently, I have been thinking a lot about this. And I knew there has to be some reason which I can tell myself every morning (other than the very obvious reason that if I do not go, my leave balance will come down) for why do I have to go to office.

Key to my motivation

Office Humour
Source: Villanova HRD Corner – Blog

There are 2 colleagues such colleagues of mine, who are no less than a perfect ‘Indian married couple’! (and mind you, both are happily married, but to their own wives). You can find these buggers fighting every time over their each and every petty thing. And the hottest topic which they enjoy taking each others’ is their places of birth. Saale paagal kar dete hai lar lar ke. And they royally take each others’ left-right-and-center.

But the entertainment show does not end here. Other than these two buggers, we have more characters in this movie called ‘Office-office’. There is a character called ‘Reports’ and dare you disturb her while she is preparing her reports. Even her boss does not dare to do so! And you know what, one of the buggers mentioned above says about her, he says –

“Jiss din iska printer kharaab ho gaya na, isse ICU mein dalna par jayega. Iski saari ‘reports’ hi nikalni band ho jayegi”

I would want to talk more about what entertainment I have to go through every day, but due to the given confidentiality agreements that I have signed with these buggers, I shall better keep mum!

Mum se yaad aaya…I miss Mumbai so very much. I hated living there in a small flat, but then there were many other things that I still love about this city.


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  • Rakesh Pandey

    Hahahah! Funny but bitterly true. Like those dark chocolates, which leave a bitter taste in mouth, but still people are attracted towards it.

    • Thanks Rakesh! And yes, quite right. But then that’s the fun about life 😉

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    Hi, your articles are really nice with a touch of humour to it…i will surely love to read more 🙂