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How to speed up your iOS 7 device

Late September saw a major update when Apple launched their latest OS for all the iDevice users.

Though it did see a great response and millions of users upgraded their iDevices to iOS 7, but lately we have been seeing a many user complaining about older devices (such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and older iPads) getting slower.

Most affected features are Typing on the iDevices and slowing down of interface animations.

I personally use a iPhone 4 and can confirm that 'Yes! The iOS 7 update has actually slowed down my device and I do face issues typing SMS, Mails, etc.'

Solution to this 'Slowness'

Well, I did some research online (read as - tried multiple solutions available on the net, reinstalled and reset my phone multiple times, tried my own tricks) and here are a few solutions that are available on the internet and how they affect your iDevice. Please note that I have tested these solutions on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S only.

Solution 1

I guess this is the most commonly available solution available on the internet and it does work well. Here is what you have to do:

Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Documents & Data

Now toggle this option to 'Off'. This will switch off the Documents and Data backup from your device to iCloud. This simple feature will make your device run as normal and the 'slowness' will vanish.

But, this method has a disadvantage - you will no longer be able to take advantage of iCould backup. So, it is a trade-off between speed and backup.

Solution 2

With the latest update to iOS came new feature such as Transparent interface, Animation effects, etc. There is another feature which allows you to select which Apps can refresh themselves in the background.

This feature also slows down your device significantly and also reduces the battery life. You should enable this feature only for those apps which you really need. I also tried this method and switched off all Background Refresh for all the Apps.

Here are the steps to deactivate Background Refresh:

Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh

Here you can disable the refresh options for Apps as per your requirement.

This feature alone brought back my iPhone to it's normal speed and the typing was again fun!

Solution 3

There is another feature that Apple introduced with the latest update. This feature allows you for automatic download of updates and App updates. This feature too runs in the background and makes your device slower. 

Turn this feature off by following these steps:

Go to Settings -> iTunes and App Store

Anyways, if there is any update available for an app, you will get to know. And you can later at some time update that. At least this will make your device run faster. 

Solution which I use

Now, the question is which solution which best and which doesn't.

I have personally tried all these methods and I can say that they individually work well. But, if you do that, you loose on that particular feature. 

Hence, I use a combination on if these. Here is what u have dine to make my phone faster:

  • Though I have kept Documents and Data backup Switched On in iCloud, but I have disabled use of Cellular Data for this feature. I do need to backup my Whatsapp chats and hence dis not deactivate this feature. Now, whenever I am connected to Wi-Fi, this feature kicks in and takes the backup
  • I have kept background refresh 'Off' for all the apps, but not for News App that I use. This allows me to have a faster device without loosing a great feature
  • Lastly, I have disabled Automatic Updates completely. I don't want my cellular data to be used as I have a limited download and that too at a high cost. I don't want ti waste that in Automatic Updates. I have Wi-Fi at home and I update my phone with that whenever required
Before you apply on of these methods, do remember to analyze first what feature you need the most and which one you can forgo. Then accordingly you should follow the suitable method or a combination of above solutions. 

Do you know any other methods other than what we suggested here? Please do share you tips and tricks in the comments section, to make our iDevices work faster

Feedback to Croma Retail

Dear Croma Retail

Let me give you a feedback on your sales and customer service, if no one else has. You know, you think you can fool your customers by dumping your lowest quality products through online sales, then you are completely wrong. It will actually come back to you only, and will come hard.

I am referring to a purchase that I made through Groupon (Invoice# SR05091300336) wherein a Laptop Bag (Image attached) was bought and was supposed to be delivered to one of my relatives. 

It was to my and my relative's surprise to see the quality of bag that was delivered. PLS SEE THE IMAGE ATTACHED. Is this the kind of products you sell online? I will suggest please sell such products on OLX or some portal AND DO MENTION THAT PRODUCTS ARE USED and SECOND-HAND!!

Moreover, when your customer care executives say "our representative will pick up the product and refund will happen post that", then at least mean what you commit. We have repeatedly called you call centres and requested for a pick up; will anyone PLS COME AND PICK THIS BAG AND RETURN MY MONEY???