So I reached a ’10 Likes’ mark!

Disclaimr: This post has been written after being ‘inspired’ by a fellow blogger who recently crossed 200 Mark. Reading his post, I thought a Milestone is a Milestone Is a Milestone; however small it is :)

So, recently I crossed the ’10 Likes’ benchmark and I am celebrating it.


I know you would be saying – “hey see, he is celebrating 10 Likes!! Does anyone ‘celebrate‘ such a low Like Count??” But then, I will be like – so what man?

[chuck it; let me come back to my point]

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Review of hotel – Resort Rio, Goa

Resort Rio -

I had recently been to Goa – it was my daughter’s first birthday and we decided to celebrate her birthday at this beautiful place. Not that this was my first visit; I have been to Goa several times now. But this was my first trip with my daughter.

I have stayed at several hotels in Goa during my various visits. Be it Zuri White Sands or Kennilworth. I have even once stayed at a small hotel that costed me only Rs. 900/- per day.

How I got to know about Resort Rio

With Resort Rio, this was my second stay. And there is a reason why I chose this resort for the second time. I was suggested this resort way back in 2013 by one of the Hotel reservation portals and that executive took more than an hour’s conversation to convince me about this resort. And that time, he gave me a decent deal to stay at Resort Rio at a very handsome price for such a property. Also, it was off-season that time.

Given my previous experience with Resort Rio, I decided to go with the same hotel. Not that I did not research any other, but given that it was my first time with my baby, I didn’t want to get surprises.

So what did I like about Resort Rio

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That one quote which I follow blindly #LifeMantra

everything happens for good

If you ask me frankly, I am not a believer of quotes. I do read quotes, I even have a Daily Quotez blog on which I share a quote-a-day. But do I believe in quotes – No! And, this post is explains why I don’t believe in quotes.

All said and done, there is one quote (or you can say a ‘Saying’) which I always believe in. In fact, this is the only quote, which I believe, holds true every time. Here is the quote:

Whatever happens, happens for Good!

There have been multiple instances that have happened in my life, both good and bad. And every time, I repeated these words to myself, and I always saw the positive side of those events.

Let me tell you one story

This is about time when I was in Mumbai and was working with a Telecom company. After some 2.5 years we were moved to a sister-concerned of the same company. Nobody liked this movement as the company which we were moved to was in losses and did not have great things to talk about (read as employee policies, increments, etc.)

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Sonu Nigam’s last conversation with Adesh Shrivastava


Adesh Shrivastava left us all on Saturday. He was fighting a fierce battle with Cancer.

Hi friend, Sonu Nigam took to Twitter to post Adesh Shrivastava’s demise, to express the depth of his friendship with Adesh Shrivastava. Here are some more tweets from Sonu:

Sonu Nigam shared his Whatsappp conversation that he had with Adesh Shrivastava. In this conversation Adesh has called Sonu his chhot bhai (younger brother). I guess this is one of Adesh Shrivastava’s last converstaion with anyone over Whatsapp! Here is the screenshot of his conversation with Adesh Shrivastava: Read more

When robbing a girl turned horrible

Robbing somebody can sometimes go wrong. It can happen that the plan does not go the way it was supposed to go or the robbers may just forget the map at home; etc. These things can just happen!

But rarely it happens when robbers try to put their hands on a trained MMA fighter (Mixed Martial Arts) and the result gets really horrible for the robbers.

It happened in Brazil where mugging a lady costed robbers a lot! It went so bad that they ended up crying for their fathers. Monique Bastos, the lady fighter, showed these 2 muggers what it means to put hands on a wrong person’s handbag.

Watch this video:

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Initiatives by Modi government that makes sense

MyGov Citizen Portal: - Modi Government

How many times, before Modi Government, did you hear that Indian government actually had a portal, and it was actually updated? At least I had never heard of any, barring a few badly designed and we-are-never-mantained websites, which I could not hate any more.

But visit, and you will change your views about ‘can Indian government be so active on internet?’ Firstly, the website is absolutely beautiful and it is so professionally done. The sections are properly arranged, it is updated with all the news and updates on activities of the government. And not only that, it also keeps running various contests to keep general public involved, such as logo contests for various initiatives, various dialogues where one can express his / her views, and it also lets you tell the government what topics would you like to talk about.

Look at these statistics to understand the success of the #MyGov portal:

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