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Sonu Nigam's last conversation with Adesh Shrivastava - Dhakkanz
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Sonu Nigam’s last conversation with Adesh Shrivastava

Adesh Shrivastava left us all on Saturday. He was fighting a fierce battle with Cancer.

Hi friend, Sonu Nigam took to Twitter to post Adesh Shrivastava’s demise, to express the depth of his friendship with Adesh Shrivastava. Here are some more tweets from Sonu:

Sonu Nigam shared his Whatsappp conversation that he had with Adesh Shrivastava. In this conversation Adesh has called Sonu his chhot bhai (younger brother). I guess this is one of Adesh Shrivastava’s last converstaion with anyone over Whatsapp! Here is the screenshot of his conversation with Adesh Shrivastava:


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