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Social Accounts of PM Modi and the RTI's 9 questions - Dhakkanz
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Social Accounts of PM Modi and the RTI’s 9 questions

Our Primie Minister, Mr. Modi is already making news around the world, mostly positive. But in India, there is a mix of pro-Modi and anti-Modi followers. And one such follower thought of filing and RTI to get some inside information on Modi. Here are the 9 questions that were asked in the RTI:

Leaves taken by Modi during the stint

It seems Modi is the most work-o-holic PM till date. He is already known for travelling so much, either domestic or foreign. And in past (little more than) one and a half years, he has already done so much. As for the leaves, it is surprising to see that he has not taken even a single day off. And that too with so much travelling.

Official Mobile device given to Modi

Modi is known for his love for social media and is love for selfies. You can notice in some of his selfies, he can be seen using an iPhone. So, who paid for this? According to the reply given to this RTI, Modi never received any official device from the PMO or government’s money. The mobile device that he uses, is his personal one.

Expenses on Kitchen and other items

For this question, the reply given was that all such expenses are incurred by Modi himself and government’s money is not spent on this. I guess he will be the first person I have come to know of, who does not use official money for personal consumption. If we think about it, we all do it, in some way or the other. We all like to go on official lunches and parties, but this man.

Principal Secretary to the PM

In this question it was asked if the PMO office has organized any picnic or something for Modi’s principal secretary. In the reply it was stated that there has been such events organized from the PMO.

Modi’s highest qualifications

According to the reply given to the RTI, the highest qualification of Modi is Masters in Political Sciences.

Internet Speed used by Modi

The speed used by Modi for is 34 mbps.

Expense incurred on Internet

For the internet usage by Modi, it was mentioned it is a part of his telephone bill and it is not separately tracked.

Now coming to the main question. This question (and the answer) is quite critical as we all know how busy PM Modi has been. And given that he has travels so much, we all want to know who manages this piece of his life. At least I do.

Who handles the social accounts of Mr. Modi?

According to the reply given, Modi manages all his personal accounts all by himself. All his selfies, his posts and tweets are his own and personally written. For the official accounts, it was mentioned that they are handled by the PMO, but there is no dedicated person who has been specifically hired to manage it.

Translation of Modi’s social media messages

For this question there was no reply provided.

My take on this – we can say whatever we want to. Good, bad or ugly. But one thing is for sure. This man is up to something and something good for the country.


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  • Arun Prasadh

    He is surely raising the image of our country in the eyes of world. Its sad to see some of the Indians dont see it.

    • Very true Arun. I believe, for once we should look at him from a non-political angle and we will for sure find something positive only.

  • Yes, I have expectations from him for my country!

    • Agree. And he is raising our hopes and expectations day by day.

  • Anupam Chakraborty

    I too believe that he will certainly deliver.

  • Modi is indeed a master in political science. And it’s nice to see that he is being independent even for something as small as a mobile phone.

    Nice research done on the post.

    • Thanks VIshal. I hope you will like other posts too.

  • Some of the info won’t (can’t) be true.

    • Why do you say so Matheikal? These are all responses to an RTI. I guess they are bound to be true. Unless Mr. Modi / PMO wants to lie. Right?

    • such as…? Would really like to know.

  • Know doubt he is a game changer and we are lucky to have tech savvy PM.

  • Know doubt he is a making a big difference and by using social media effectively.

    • True, I have not seen any PM who is so involved with the citizens. He, I guess, had used the radio, the most ignored medium, most effectively.

  • Saru

    Honestly, it’s so perfect and too good to be true. I can’t manage my life with work, writing and home. And he is running a country with his own money and all by himself. Kudos. He is God.