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Review of hotel - Resort Rio, Goa - Dhakkanz
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Review of hotel – Resort Rio, Goa

I had recently been to Goa – it was my daughter’s first birthday and we decided to celebrate her birthday at this beautiful place. Not that this was my first visit; I have been to Goa several times now. But this was my first trip with my daughter.

I have stayed at several hotels in Goa during my various visits. Be it Zuri White Sands or Kennilworth. I have even once stayed at a small hotel that costed me only Rs. 900/- per day.

How I got to know about Resort Rio

With Resort Rio, this was my second stay. And there is a reason why I chose this resort for the second time. I was suggested this resort way back in 2013 by one of the Hotel reservation portals and that executive took more than an hour’s conversation to convince me about this resort. And that time, he gave me a decent deal to stay at Resort Rio at a very handsome price for such a property. Also, it was off-season that time.

Given my previous experience with Resort Rio, I decided to go with the same hotel. Not that I did not research any other, but given that it was my first time with my baby, I didn’t want to get surprises.

So what did I like about Resort Rio

Our booking for the resort was for September month and we were supposed to check in at 2 PM. But we had taken a early morning flight and hence we reached quite early to resort also. Initially we thought that we will spend some time out in Goa and then will go to the resort. But when you have small kid and baggage, it is kinda bad decision. 

So we went directly to the resort and checked in. Initially we were asked to wait as the check-in time was 2 PM, but on request we were given our room [10 points to Resort Rio].

The room which we gad booked turned out to be quite small. This time I had actually booked Cozy oom as it was cheaper. But then it turned out to be quite small for a family of 3; and i had already experienced the ‘Big room’ during our last stay.

So we checked our upgrade options. The resort upgrade us to the luxury room for a small charge. IF you have never stayed at Resort Rio, you should; and that too in their luxury rooms. The size of the rooms is quote big and their washroom / bathroom area itself is BIGG. [Ding! Another 10 points to Resort Rio].

The following are the real pictures of Resort Rio (not taken by me) and they look exactly the same in real. Rather, in these pictures, you may not be able to judge the real size of the room / bath area; it is bigger.

Main Room - www.dhakkanz.comBath Area -

Now talking about the food. Yeah!!

I am a vegetarian and I have to face one small problem every time I go to a hotel / resort. There are limited options for vegetarians; specially the morning buffets.

But I did not have to we did not have to face this issue. There was plenty of options available for our types! They even helped us with some khichri for our daughter (this is what I like – taking care of your customers). Moreover the food here is awesome. [I will give 10 more points].

So, we also tried in-room service. Again the food was awesome. The only limiting point here is that the food is a bit on a costlier side. But if you look at their service and the quality of food, I guess money comes second.

So what is unique at Resort Rio?

Yeah, coming to this point. There is a small recreational room at the resort. You have quite a couple of games for grown ups and lot of toys for the growing ups, too. Our daughter spent almost 2 hours there and actually enjoyed. The other thing for which I started this point is – the caretaker of this section (I am sorry I forgot the name) quickly recalled us from our last trip and he quickly pulled out a picture of us which he had taken (and we were given the prints as memorabilia). He showed us and said that he remembered us. [Can I give 5 more points for his gesture?]

Wow! Doesn’t that sound cool? I do feel great about people remembering me. It makes me feel ‘known’!

Other common points which made me write this review:

  • Cleanliness: You don’t even have to worry about it. The rooms and the whole property is absolutely clean
  • Their service is absolutely awesome and if they say they will call you back; they actually do call you back. You will not feel left aside
  • The staff is quite co-operative and soft spoken. They will not shy away from helping you

In short – I had a great time at this resort and this was second time. And when you go to places like this to relax and enjoy, a good service is all what you require to make it a perfect experience.

PS: For those who are wondering is this one of those paid reviews – naaah! This is absolutely written as a gesture to thank Resort Rio and I have not been paid by anyone in any form to write this review.


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