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Murder of 7-year old student school kid - what did we do to avoid it? - Dhakkanz
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Murder of 7-year old student school kid – what did we do to avoid it?

Image Source: PTI / Indian Express

We are all shaken down by the incident involving murder of a 7-year old student of Ryan International School. This incident is not only a dark moment in the lives of the parents who lost their baby, but also a wake-up-slap on our cheeks.

We all know how ‘commercial’ the Education system has become in India. The annual fest where admission-seeking parents fight for every inch in lines, squeeze out every possible drop of their savings, just to get their kids admission in that top school!


But, what we don’t ask these schools about is – how safe are these small kids in the hands of these money-minting-education-selling institutes. Be it the safety in terms of their well-being or safety from those corrupted minds, which don’t even spare such small souls, who cannot even understand, what is happening with them.

And, why only schools should be blamed? Parents are equally responsible for their kids’ safety, even when they are in the school. As parent, it is our duty to know about the school, their management, the school’s reputation, etc. It is us who have to know what provisions government has provided us with, to take care of law-breaking institutions.

One of the aspects which we as a parent always ignore is the guidelines that ARE THERE to take care of many such aspects. For example, the school busses are supposed to have phone numbers of the Driver, the bus owner, etc. should be clearly mentioned on the bus (outside and inside). Were you aware of this? And, if you are aware, have you ever checked this and ensured that the bus in which your kid travels to school, is adhering to these norms?

Awareness is the best solution.

Assuming that we are all active and we take action if we see anything going incorrect, the only factor which can lead to such incidents is ‘unawareness’. And, to increase awareness on this particular topic, I am providing you all with the guidelines which are published by CBSE Safety of School children in school busses. Note, these are not written by me or any other person. These are guidelines provided by the CBSE, and hence becomes duty of every school to adhere to these.

Link –  CBSE Guidelines for safety of schools kids in school busess

Now you have a strong document in your hand and you can drive the schools to become a bit-more safe for your little ones. I also request you to spread this word to as much people as possible to increase the awareness to such levels that all schools are forced to adhere to these guideless.

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this and if you can also share any useful information to make this world a bit safer for our kids.


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