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Meet the new Indian - the #Technocrats - Dhakkanz
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Meet the new Indian – the #Technocrats

‘Do you Whatsapp?’ 

Heard this before? You must have! Meet the #Technocrats.

The ‘New Indian’, or the #Technocrats, like to…

…be connected all the time

Be it that sales person who is updating his boss, over Skype call, about how well his first meeting with the client went. He is also understanding from him how he can further build-up on their business relationship which will help their organization increase revenue.

Source: Skype Blog

Or be it that mother, who is updating her Facebook on her smartphone, with the images of her kid taking the first steps, so that her extended family can also hare the joy. So what if she is staying hundreds of kilometers away form her rest of the family, their hearts are still ‘close’.

Source: Shutterstock

Isn’t this great – how Mobile and Mobile Internet have changed the way we all live and how much it has helped us to evolve! Technocrats are now more connected. They have evolved and now the distance is only a matter of being connected / not-connected.

… #Startup up

I am sitting in the office and fully loaded with that deliverable which I am suppose to submit today only. I will be late and will need a cab to go home and I also need to eat something; I will have to eat dinner at office only. No problem! There is an App for it.

Later – oh gosh! I forgot to take an appointment with Doctor, I had to take my parents for their regular check-up. But worry not! Thanks God, there is an app for this too. I can simply log on to that app, select our favorite doctor and zooop! Appointment done for the weekend.

Source: knstech

The #Technocrats are not just using the Mobile Internet and latest technology to their use, but they are also innovating. They are Starting Up! With more and more Indians using Smartphones and the Internet, the #Technocrats are coming with their innovative solutions to our daily lives. And these innovations are not just limited to booking a cab or taking appointment with doctors. There are business running on smartphones. Those stock-market heavy weights are making moolah by swiping their fingers on the smartphones.

…enjoy and be fun

These #Technocrats are not only about being serious every time. They are now more involved with their families and know how to have fun. They are now listening to streaming music without downloading those MP3s. They are now not missing out their favorite daily-soaps, it is available on-their-demand on their smartphones. Thanks to the 4G Internet!

Source: Free Stock Photos

These #Technocrats now are not dependent on those clumsy photographers at those weddings. They now have the power of the 12 Megapixels and the 15 Megapixels in their hands. Gone are the days of taking pictures and not being there in the photographs. They are now taking ‘Selfies’ and they are there in their own pics! They are capturing their golden moments and sharing love with friends.

Source: Daily Mail

Finally, if you look at it, the Smartphones and the Mobile Internet is helping the Indian youth evolve. They are now more Independent. They are better informed about what is happening around them. They are now taking critical decisions with maturity. And more important, they are having fun!


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  • People are now whatsappingly happy and technocratically crazy…!

    • ‘Whatsappingly Happy’ – Hahhahaa…nice word you have discovered.

  • richasingh

    Not just youth, even older generation is finding a lot of support and help in everyday life thanks to technology.


  • Hema Anand

    Very nice post. BTW, Its contest time. Please go thro the article here and post your comment. Best comments win Rs. 750 amazon voucher. Cheers.. !!!

    • Thanks Hema. I will surely participate in the contest. Cheers!

  • I guess everyone is enjoying the Internet wave, that’s another matter some are misusing it!

    • Quote true, Alok. Everything will have it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

  • They may be more independent but they are ruder, less empathetic and more inappropriate. It pains me to see a bunch of people sitting with each other and staring at their phones.

    • I understand what you are saying and how much awkward it looks when you are the only one wanting to talk and others are busy with their small screens. But still, lets look at the positive sides of tech developments.