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How Mr. Modi is changing the the way world thinks of us - Dhakkanz
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How Mr. Modi is changing the the way world thinks of us

Today, if you check any of the social media websites, you will only see ‘Social Fights’ between supporters of political parties. Each group is busy mud-slinging the other group. Broadly, there are 2 groups, one in favor or Mr. Modi and the other against him. None of them seems to be Pro-India!

And it is not just about the ALL OF US, who are making such noise! Even media houses, whose primary responsibility is to present the NEWS, is busy taking sides with these political parties and keeping everyone else also in such wasteful discussions.

One of the questions which everybody (including certain media houses) has been asking is ‘Why Mr. Modi has been spending taxpayers’ money on foreign trips’. Everybody is busy giving their own opinions and citing different statistics.

Let us bring this specific issue in perspective. According to a Wikipedia article, Mr. Modi has already visited 30 countries in a short span of his becoming Prime Minister of India. Out of these 30, United States, Singapore, France and Nepal are the ones, where he has gone more than once. Yes, he has that much of OUR money on his trips.

But for whom?

Do we actually think that he, like other corrupt ministers have done in past, is spending money just to visit foreign country and spend leisure time there?

If you think so, let us give you just one example. We will not cite any statistics or numbers or number of deals that are coming in India for investments. We will present just ONE article, from a leading international newspaper, which will show how Mr. Modi is changing the world’s view and how he is getting heard in the Internationally.

On 29th November, Mr. Modi’s article was published on Financial Times, before meeting in Paris on Climate change and related topics. He proposed that Developed countries should take more responsibilities in terms of coping with Climate Change as compared to Developing Nations (please do read article). He has proposed ‘common but differentiated responsibilities’.

Excerpt from his article:

Justice demands that, with what little carbon we can still safely burn, developing countries are allowed to grow. The lifestyles of a few must not crowd out opportunities for the many still on the first steps of the development ladder.

Some say advanced countries powered their way to prosperity on fossil fuel when humanity was unaware of its impact. Since science has moved on and alternative energy sources are available, they argue that those just beginning their development journey bear no less responsibility than those who have reached the zenith of their progress. New awareness, however, should lead advanced countries to assume more responsibility. Just because technology exists does not mean it is affordable and accessible.

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In response to Mr. Modi’s article, Financial Times published an article (a letter) from Richard Murphy, Professor, City University, UK and Colin Hines, Convenor, Green New Deal Group. Richard and Colin have expressed their agreement with what Mr. Modi had to say. They even proposed an alternative with which Developed Nations can help the view presented by Mr. Modi.

Now this is what a great leader is supposed to do. To make his views heard and acted upon. He is making the WORLD agree to OUR views. But no! Just making the world agree with us makes him a great leader. What actually makes him a great leader is the views he has presented and how he has presented. And he does not have to beg for his views to get heard.

So, if a man is dedicating his precious time for the development of our country, the least we can do is let him do it. Instead of supporting discussions around “whether to watch Aamir’s next movie or not because he passed some Intolerant comment”, lets put our energies in something which actually makes a difference to our lives. Lets make a Change, instead of just talking about making a change.

Disclaimer:, its owner and people related to this blog (henceforth referred to as, are in no way connected to Mr. Modi or BJP / NDA. The views presented here are completely personal and are NOT sponsored. does not believe believe in conversations which promote political hatred. What we believe in is India.

PS: All images for this article have been sourced from Mr. Modi’s website’s Download section.


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