These funny signboards will restore your faith in Humour

The one who put this funny signboard really needs to get some alone-time



When your party worker really hates you


Now who is going to tell this funny English Teacher what Anus is?



Oh I would so love to ‘Visit’ this ‘Visitable Juice’ shop


This is pre-historic India when we used to more than 60 minutes in an hour


Just eat that Biryani, you DUMB***



Just No Comments!!


And my dear friends, who said talking about Puberty is Taboo in India

www.dhakkanz.com - puberty function



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  • Rakesh Pandey

    Heh heh! Most of them are already seen, but just loved your tongue in cheek comments! We do live in a nation, where we abhors humor, but make it up by being unintentionally funny! See our politicians? 😀

    God bless people like you, who still carry the lantern of humor!