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Funniest moments that will restore your faith in Indian Humour

These funny signboards will restore your faith in Humour

The one who put this funny signboard really needs to get some alone-time


When your party worker really hates you

Now who is going to tell this funny English Teacher what Anus is?


Oh I would so love to ‘Visit’ this ‘Visitable Juice’ shop


This is pre-historic India when we used to more than 60 minutes in an hour


Just eat that Biryani, you DUMB***


Just No Comments!!


And my dear friends, who said talking about Puberty is Taboo in India - puberty function


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  • Rakesh Pandey

    Heh heh! Most of them are already seen, but just loved your tongue in cheek comments! We do live in a nation, where we abhors humor, but make it up by being unintentionally funny! See our politicians? 😀

    God bless people like you, who still carry the lantern of humor!