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Embarrassing moment from the Quora - Dhakkanz
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Embarrassing moment from the Quora

Quora is one of the Social Media (no no…it’s a Social Networking website) where questions are asked and the members answer those questions. These are not typical knowledge sharing but experience sharing questions and answers. Sounds cool!

As soon as I got to know about this website, I also jumped the bandwagon and it has been quite some time since then. I have myself replied to a lot of questions and many of them are really interesting questions. But then, there some stupid questions also.

Examples of stupid questions on Quora (with links):

…and many more. At least I found such questions stupid.

But then, there are a lot of questions which get a lot of replies and views. These are mostly questions about general experiences, embarrassing moments, heart breaks, and stuff. One of such questions was What was your most embarrassing moment in front of your parents? - embarrassing moment

I am putting this question up here because I found that some of these experiences are like happened with almost everyone (we may tell openly or not, but!). Every one of us would have had a similar moment with out parents, or maybe close to such an experience. Here are 2 really embarrassing replies, which I thought I should share with you all:

Answer by Venkat Subrahmanyam:

Embarrassing ? It is an understatement !

This happened back when I was in 7th class. The age when our curiosity about everything was sky high. I was in my room just browsing through Internet which was a big thing back then, actually a site called Page on . I had seen some images(read explicit ) and clicked on them , the images started loading albeit pretty slowly(Dial-up you see! ). I was surprised something so out of the world could be in a knowledge sharing website and there folks was my first encounter with Porn (Ohhhhhhhh…Tabooo). I was curious and this continued for few days in the room.

Everything went fine, I was browsing when people were in the house as well. My desktop HCL beanstalk(Nokia 1100 of PC’s) was setup in such a way that it was right next to the door. So, as soon as someone enters the room, they would find it to their right side. I always could figure out when someone was coming to the room as I would keep looking with my right ninja eye. As soon as it looked like someone was coming,  I would minimize the screen and stare at the plush green fields(Desktop background you see, does it strike a bell?!). This was going on for quite  few months and I felt accomplished not because I was watching(a little maybe !) but mainly because I could pull off something so big without anyone noticing.

Very boring right ? Let me finish. I always combed my hair standing in front of a mirror, my favourite in fact. Always. This was one big-ass mirror and where was this mirror? Right behind the desktop user. All the dreams I had to become a professional  ninja were turning into dust, I was too stupid not to realize there was a mirror right opposite to the desktop all the time. And, everyone could see what I was watching right before I minimized the browser.

As expected, my dad found this and I had the most enlightening day of my life that day(read chappal).

Moral- Never try to outsmart your parents. They are always a step ahead. 😀  This incident still gives me a smile even now.

Hahhahha…it’s an amazing incident. Here is another one – nothing related to porn or anything, but another embarrassing moment:

Answer by Varun V

So this happened when I was 15.

Whenever I come out from a bath, I come out looking like this :

Since I don’t like putting my clothes on in the bathroom, I come out like this and change to my normal clothes in my bedroom.

Our house had a single common bathroom. Also, it was strategically placed such that you have to pass through the living room to get from it to the bedroom. So every morning you could see me making my daily trip from the bathroom to bedroom looking like Terry Crews.

One day I stepped out half naked and in the living room I saw a horror like no other. Sitting in the living room was my crush from the neighbourhood, her mother and my mom. Seeing her I panicked. I tried to play it cool and started walking towards my room.

With all the drama, I forgot to wipe my feet on the carpet so it was quite wet. The freshly washed floor tiles didn’t help either. I slipped and fell on the floor, sliding along like an airplane which had just crash landed. My towel came off, as I slided through the floor. The next few seconds seemed to play in slow motion. It felt like an eternity. In my panic to get up, I slipped again. Somehow I got up, took the towel and ran into the room. All the while, I was completely naked. Needless to say, I could never look at my crush again.

In fact, I don’t think she ever came to my house again. My mom of course was making a mockery out of the whole thing and laughing at me, but it definitely was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me.

If you also have an embarrassing story worth sharing, do put that in comments. And if you’re really embarrassed to share that publicly, send us an note and we share it without telling anything about you.


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  • Hahahaha…both the incidents…just super-hilarious! 😀 😀

  • LOL… poeple can come up with anything. I get asked so many direct questions, sometimes I want to cry and sometimes I want to laugh!!! 🙂

    Cheers, Archana –

    • I know! And, I am not even sure how any such replies are actually true.

  • Ha.ha
    Truly hilarious. No one would believe people would ask such dumb questions without seeing in his own eyes on Quora.

  • Bhavani

    My goodness…. Such hilarious incidents!!! Loved them!!!