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Crazy life of Ravana - Dhakkanz
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Crazy life of Ravana

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Today is ‘Vijaya Dashami‘ and we all will be celebrating the success of Goodness over Bad. On this day, many years back, Rama had successfully taken over Ravana, who despite being a ultra-knowledgeable, did wrong deeds and hand to pay back with his life  – this we all know!

But do we know anything about how much did Ravana had to suffer…because of his 10 head!! No!! We do not know.

OK, lets assume that Ravana is still living in today’s time and this is how he would have suffered –

Ravana would have to buy toothpaste every week – he was using 10-times the per-capital usage! And, his toothbrush stand would look like this:



Not just that! Have you wonder how would he change his T-shirt (he had 10 heads, right?)

Ravana would have to put his legs first in to it and then pull it up!

Poor chap.

His woes would not have ended here. He was born unlucky, I guess – he had to face bad luck since young age only.

His parents would have got called to school many a times as…

As, Ravana would have become the most ‘Talkative’ person in his class!

ravana multiple heads

…and he for sure would have been the most argumentative in his class.

If Ravana had gonr to a bar, during Happy Hours – he would have been DENIED entry!

happy hours


As he would grew old, his woes would have only increased. With increasing tensions about Sri Lanka loosing their edge in International cricket, he would have started getting head-aches. But…

Ravana would never have got Head-Ache; his headaches would be called head-anek (‘anek’, in Hindi means multiple!). What a pity man!

And just think about his monthly expenses on his head-ache balm!!

Talking about technology of those times – the mobile phones existed that time too.

Whenever Ravana had to take a #Selfie, he would have to use #Panorama mode!

ravana selfi


But, not everything was against him. He did gain some benefits due to his situation.

Ravana would have got ‘Group Discounts’, at almost every restaurant!



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  • Rakesh Pandey

    Hahahah! What a funny summing up of the plight of the Demon King! 😀

  • This is interesting. But you know what people worse than Ravana are alive. Just imagine the abducted lady was safe in his regime. Isn;t it?

    • Somali, you are absolutely right. And, I had never thought from this perspective! I guess burning of Ravana is irrelevant in today’s times!

  • Tina Acharya

    Ha ha ha….really very interesting!!!

  • Brilliant post!

    Looking forward to more such humour!