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#ChennaiRains - India is still Human!! - Dhakkanz
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#ChennaiRains – India is still Human!!


In the past few days have become nothing-less-than a National emergency (though it is not officially declared). It has brought the city to a stand-still position. The educational institutions are closed, organizations are moving their offices and critical resources to nearby cities, etc. Here are some images during #ChennaiRains:





And then, the #ChennaiFloods made the Indians come together, yet again. The talks of Intolerance and Secularism are gone. Everyone is now talking about how they can help and if one cannot help, they are helping by circulating the Help messages. Here are some images that will show that Humanity is the biggest Religion. And, India is still Human!


Indian Army helping during #ChennaiFloods:





The local public and the police also did their best:


And no one cared which religion one belonged to, during #ChennaiRains:



The help also came from the known and the unknown:








But the highlight of the rescue mission has been a case of a pregnant lady who was saved by the Indian Army’s helicopter (watch the full video):


Here is a small token, to every Indian, who made an effort during #ChennaiRains:



And, we Indians.

We are all like a small, big family.

We talk and we fight.

We discuss and we decree.

We agree and we disagree.

But, when the family is in need,

…we are a family indeed!


Source of Images / info in this post – from the respective Twitter accounts which are mentioned here. Source of Featured Image (visible on the home page) – Arun Titan


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