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5 Surprising Facts about Noida that Compels you to rent a home in Noida - Dhakkanz

5 Surprising Facts about Noida that Compels you to rent a home in Noida


Noida is considered as an integral part of the National Capital Region (NCR). Most of the people are satisfied with this description of the city. New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) has various interesting facts associated with it. Here, we are limiting ourselves to certain facts that prove Noida is a perfect living destination. If you are still wondering about these facts, read further to know more.


Highest per Capita Income in the NCR

Noida came into existence in 1976 with an aim to develop it into the industrial hub of NCR. This well-planned city has been a successful initiative. This is evident from the fact that it has the highest per capita income in the NCR. This means that there are various opportunities for everyone in the city.

With the presence of various industries, IT companies, and real estate companies; Noida provides numerous career opportunities for the deserving candidates. You just need to rent a flat in Noida to embark on your future ambitions.


India’s Greenest City

This does not mean that Noida is surrounded by dense forests. But, as said earlier, Noida is a planned city, it was decided that 50% green cover is mandatory. Therefore, 50% of the city area is covered with trees. This is the highest for any city in India. The roads are lined with lush green trees. Each locality has a park where plants and trees exist.


Perfect Realty Destination

Do you know that Noida is the second-best realty destination in India? This is evident from the fact that numerous realtors have developed sprawling townships in the city. Noida was ranked as the Best City in Uttar Pradesh and received the Best City in Housing award as well.

Due to the low cost of living, Noida is preferred as an ideal living destination in the NCR region. Home seekers can get 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments for rent in Noida at affordable costs. Moreover, you can save more by finalizing an accommodation on property websites, such as Nestaway. These websites have provision for a flat on rent in Noida without brokerage.


Healthcare Facility

Noida is a pioneer in the field of medical tourism. The presence of exceptional medical facilities instigates the patients for a treatment at one of the hospitals in Noida. Some of the well-renowned hospitals in Noida are Kailash Hospital, Max Hospital Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Jaypee Hospital, and others. Therefore, residents of Noida always have access to quality medical care facilities 24*7.


Gold Mine of Uttar Pradesh

According to speculations, if the residents of Noida do not pay taxes, it can still meet its expenses for five years. Noida is known as the Gold Mine because the maximum budget is allocated to Noida for the development purpose. In addition to this, firms operating in Noida pay taxes as well. This is the reason for the overall development of the city. The civic authority ensures that the public places are kept clean and well-maintained.


If you are thinking about relocating to Noida, you have made a wise decision. You can unleash various opportunities in the field of education and career while residing in Noida.

Shanaya Mehta

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