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10 Harvey Specter quotes from Suits - Dhakkanz
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10 Harvey Specter quotes from Suits

We all know who Harvey Specter is! And, if you really don’t know who is he, then you really need to know who he is!!

Harvey is a character from an English serial called Suits. This series is all about lawyers and law firm, and how their lives revolved around practicing law. In this Series, Harvey is portrayed as a versatile and a successful lawyer. He is shown to be a man who lives to win, at any cost. But as strong as his will to win, as much he is loyal to his boss and the ones whom he trust.

Given that Harvey is quite versatile, his dialogues are equally stunning. If you really look at it, they can be your sole guiding rules. Here 10 top Harvey Specter Quotes from the Suits:

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