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Should working couples share their salaries? - Dhakkanz
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Should working couples share their salaries?

This is one of those topics which has been thought a lot about, but least spoken about. With growing number of the female better halves participating more and more in earning bread for their homes, this has become quite a question in many married minds.

There is a section of society which is of the opinion that believes:

Now let us talk about how various couples have been managing their finances. Some time back I spoke with one of my female friends, who is of the opinion that a both partners are free to keep their salaries with them, but should share the information about their spending and earnings to each other to make the relationship transparent. And for the house-hold expenditure, there should be a joint account, where both partners can contribute equally.

I also know a couple who has quite a different view about this. They are of the view that the partner who has a better knowledge about managing finances should handle the finances. As for the individual financial needs, they keep their shares of pocket monies.

Talking about the individual tax management, tax investments, individuals feel that these are decisions which shall be taken together. Individuals can have their own individual bank accounts, but must have one joint account where both can make contributions. And the tax investments, they shall be managed at individual level.

So, as I said earlier, there are as many views as many married couples are there. What are your views about how shall married couples share / manage their finances?


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  • Saru

    Make a joint decision. Each marriage is different, do what you feel comfortable with. I think as an smart couple, one must discuss, plan and manage finances to get the maximum returns out of it.

    • Very valid point, that each marriage is unique. ‘Discussing’ such topics is the most important aspect of married life.