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Which Phobia do you have?

235x96_top-indivine-postWhat are you scared of? What is that thing or that place or that person which makes you sweat and makes your heart pound fast? In short, let me ask you:

What Phobia do you have?

Phobia, as per Wikipedia is:

“A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely, the sufferer will endure the situation or object with marked distress and significant interference in social or occupational activities.”

In a layman’s language, anything that you are scared of, you have ‘Phobia’ of that thing / situation / person, etc. If darkness brings chills to your bones, you are afraid of darkness and you have phobia. This phobia is called – Myctophobia. As far as I can tell, Myctopobia is one of the most common phobias ever.

But. Phobia of darkness or being in a dark place is still understood. What I don’t understand is the fear of Sunshine! Really!? How can anyone be scared of sunshine?? The phobia of sunshine is called – Phengophobia! If this is not strange enough, read about next phobia. And, trust me – you would not want to miss the last one.

Have you ever wondered yourself tied up with a rope or chains? Have you ever felt that you are always bound by something and you are not FREE enough? It happens a lot of times and ‘Freedom’ seems to be a distant dream. Dream? What if you had fear of ‘Freedom’?? Yeah, there is a phobia that is related to freedom. A Phobia of Freedom is called Eleutherophobia.

Eleutherophobia -

Lets move on. We have heard of other phobias such as fear of 13 number (Triskadekaphobia) or fear of heights (Acrophobia, Altophobia, Batophobia, Hypsiphobia or Hyposophobia) – yup, fear of height has these many names!

Talking about names, there is a phobia of names also!! A fear of names or certain names is called Nomatophobia. What name could one be scared of!!

If I have to list all the phobia that I know of, this blog space will fall short by many lengths. So, I am listing her a few handful of phobia, which I found to be really strange.

Types of Phobia

Fear of...Phobia Name
Anything newNeophobia
Bald peoplePeladophobia
Beds or going to bedClinophobia
Belly buttonsOmphalophobia
Body, things to the left side of the bodyLevophobia
Body, things to the right side of the bodyDextrophobia
KnowledgeGnosiophobia or Epistemophobia
MoneyChrometophobia or Chrematophobia

Wow! These strange Phobia actually exist. Finally, there is one more Phobia which you should know about. A phobia of phobia – Phobopobia. Amazing?

So, which phobia do you have, tell us here. We will not tell anybody about it 😉


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  • OHHH!!! A helluva list!!

  • Rakesh Pandey

    I have arachnophobia. A fear of spiders. And, saurophobia, I believe it’s called. A fear of reptiles. All reptiles, except snakes.

    • Rakesh, I read through the whole list. Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles. I also tried to find out about Saurophobia – it seems it is not an official word. Also, because Sauro means Liard, that is why Saurophobia is in the usage. This is what I got to know with whatever little search I did.

      • Rakesh Pandey

        Possibly. I read it somewhere and, I’m damned if I’ll research lizards! I’d rather be in a different room than them! 😀

        I don’t have herpetophobia. I love snakes and took the trouble to learn to catch them during my wildlife photography days. Saurus is indeed lizard in Latin.

        Nonetheless, a good research! 🙂

        • Thanks Man! And good to know that you are into Wildlife photography! Where can I see your work (I mean any blog if you have)?

          • Rakesh Pandey

            I was. Now it’s just a hobby. Ain’t pro anymore. I’m an architect by profession. During my eventful life, I’ve done many weird jobs, including a stage musician. 😀

          • Hmm….some adventurous journey, I may say. Huh!

          • Rakesh Pandey

            Heh heh! Sort of. 🙂

  • Tina Acharya

    I have….NeoPhobia

    • Wow! This is my first time I am hearing someone having Neophobia (not that I have seen people with other phobias). So, what is it exactly like? I men if you are comfortable telling all of us here….

      • Tina Acharya

        Its fear of anything new…!! New place, dish(food), project…even a new way of doing things. if im not aware about it…i lose my nerves to it!

  • Lol, I’m mildly agoraphobic. And I have coulrophobia.