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The hidden messages behind these cool Brand Logos - Dhakkanz
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The hidden messages behind these cool Brand Logos

It is said that – It takes years to make brand value for any company. And, that brand is represented by a Logo. And that is why a Logo holds very high importance for any organization. That is why some companies spend lots of money to get that one Logo to represent their values.

Let us see what these Logos carry as a message for established brands. Here are some Logos and their hidden messages (There are 20 Logos – click any one to start the slideshow):


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  • Wow! I had no idea about these hidden meaning of the brand logos! Thanks a lot for sharing… 🙂


    Very nice and informative post

  • Rakesh Pandey

    Boy! You really put in a lot of research! Didn’t know about many of them! Great post! 🙂

    • Thanks Rakesh! I actually love digging out ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’ in various subjects.

      • Rakesh Pandey

        Yes. I know that now. That’s one of the reasons I love to read your articles. They are very informative on some very off beat subjects. In fact, sometimes they give an inspiration for a new story too! 😀

        Keep it up, buddy! 🙂

  • Loved reading the info! I never noticed that negative of 1 in F1 – got me surprised 🙂 Vaio idea felt good.

    • Thanks Teny! I was more shocked to read about the history of Starbuck’s logo, though I have not mentioned the full story here.