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That one quote which I follow blindly #LifeMantra

If you ask me frankly, I am not a believer of quotes. I do read quotes, I even have a Daily Quotez blog on which I share a quote-a-day. But do I believe in quotes – No! And, this post is explains why I don’t believe in quotes.

All said and done, there is one quote (or you can say a ‘Saying’) which I always believe in. In fact, this is the only quote, which I believe, holds true every time. Here is the quote:

Whatever happens, happens for Good!

There have been multiple instances that have happened in my life, both good and bad. And every time, I repeated these words to myself, and I always saw the positive side of those events.

Let me tell you one story

This is about time when I was in Mumbai and was working with a Telecom company. After some 2.5 years we were moved to a sister-concerned of the same company. Nobody liked this movement as the company which we were moved to was in losses and did not have great things to talk about (read as employee policies, increments, etc.)

But, no one could say No to it. Either you moved out or you could go back to previous company, only if you had very strong connections back there.

I still believed – that this has happened for good! And yes, after an year of working there, it turned out that this movement actually helped me.

When in previous company, I was in a profile which I didn’t like after spending a couple of years in it. It was good, but not great. I was also not getting any job outside as during that time Indian economy was trending southwards.

After getting moved to the sister company, I got to change my role after almost an year and I got to work in the profile which I had always wanted. And this profile had opportunities outside those 2 companies. How I got this opportunity is also a story in itself. In short, one day my boss told me that our team was getting dismantled and we should look for a different role within the same company or outside. And, on the same day, I was trying to find an opportunity to tell him that I was offered a role in new profile by another senior.

I was so confused – how shall I go to my boss and tell him that I got an offer from within the company and my new boss wanted me to start as soon as possible. But things happened for good and my (old profile) boss himself asked me to look out for different opportunities.

Now, when I moved to this role, the first year went like hell. Partly due to a specific team member and partly due to a harsh learning curve. But again, it had happened for Good!

After 2 years of learning and performing, I got promoted with the highest rating in my line of business and immediately after that I got a great job offer, from another company and a good hike too 😉

So, when I look back and think about our movement to the sister company, though I did not like it initially, but that had happened for good.


This post has been written as participation in IndiSpire challenge #LifeMantra


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  • That’s the mantra to No regrets in life.

  • sunita

    Nobody can stop destiny and we are mere puppets on a string which God pulls at his discretion…so it must be for good undoubtedly!

    • Yes, God for sure has scripted our lives well. All we need is to embrace it with smile.