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So I reached a '10 Likes' mark! - Dhakkanz
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So I reached a ’10 Likes’ mark!

Disclaimr: This post has been written after being ‘inspired’ by a fellow blogger who recently crossed 200 Mark. Reading his post, I thought a Milestone is a Milestone Is a Milestone; however small it is 🙂

So, recently I crossed the ’10 Likes’ benchmark and I am celebrating it.


I know you would be saying – “hey see, he is celebrating 10 Likes!! Does anyone ‘celebrate‘ such a low Like Count??” But then, I will be like – so what man?

[chuck it; let me come back to my point]

Ya, so let me take this moment and than you who made my first 10 Likes possible.

And for those who will be ‘Liking’ my posts in future – I hope I will not disappoint you. You surely will like my stuff.

PS: Guys, if you already have any feedback for me / my blog wrt anything that you would like me to change, just drop a comment here.


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  • Udayology

    Haha! A milestone is a milestone is a milestone indeed! Congrats on your 10 likes. For me it took almost two months after I started to get the 10 likes! Btw, if your blog is WordPress why I don’t I get the WordPress toolbar when I visit your blog?

    • Wow! It took you only 2 months to reach 200! For me it is going to be a big task.For the WordPress toolbar, just check if you are logged in. And I guess, self-hosted blogs do not show Toolbars. You will see only blogs only with the toolbar.

  • It’s important to celebrate each milestone…it’s a beginning!

    • True! And I will celebrate my failures also. They are learnings…

  • richasingh

    Every little thing contributes! And happiness needs to be collected at every juncture 🙂

    • Yes, every little thing contributes. Thanks!

  • inducares

    Perhaps i am the only one who has not counted my likes till now–don’t want to be frustrated .

    • I won’t say it frustrates me. But it does keep you on your toes to write better posts every time. For me it is a motivating factor. But it is a personal choice, I guess. 🙂

  • sunita

    Many a drop make a mighty ocean! Plus one to your count!

    • That’s true Sunita. Plus celebrating milestones makes the whole journey easy.

    • True. And celebrating milestones makes the journey easy

  • Ehimaya Pearl

    Every milestone is important whether its first like or 10…i can well understand the feel when we get likes on our blogs and posts, even we keep on checking on and off…its the beginning enjoy…

    • True Ehimaya! As it is a new start for me, even I do keep checking if anyone has liked my page or commented on it. It’s like a childish thing which we do but that is the fun part.