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Nine words spoken according to ‘Class’ by Maya Sarabhai

Do you remember Maya Sarabhai? I knew you would remember her!

For those who are still wondering who she is – Maya Sarabhai was a character in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, an Indian sitcom which created it’s own space. It was about a family which had ‘upper class’ saas, Maya Sarabhai, whose son marries a ‘middle class’ bahu, Monisha.

The sitcom was about daily lives of Sarabhais and how Monisha would her ‘middle class’ life and how Maya’s ‘upper class’ life was intervened and their lives interfered with each others’. It was an interesting juxtaposition of two ‘classes’.

Here are nine words which, according to Maya Sarabhai, are spoken by people according to their ‘class’:

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Lower Class – Biskut

Middle Class – Biskit

Upper Class – Cookies



Lower Class – Roomal

Middle Class – Hanky

Upper Class – Handkercief / Kerchief



Lower Class – Tamaatar

Middle Class – Ta’may’To

Upper Class – Toh’mah’Toh


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Lower Class – Soss

Middle Class – Ketchup

Upper Class – Toh’mah’Toh Condiment



Lower Class – Lifaafa

Middle Class – En’Ve’Lup

Upper Class – On’Vo’Lup



Lower Class – Nimboo Paani / Shikanji

Middle Class – Lemonade

Upper Class – Virgin Mojito


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Lower Class – Paaint

Middle Class – Jeans

Upper Class – Denims



Lower Class – Chashmaa

Middle Class – Goggles

Upper Class – Shades / Glares



Lower Class – Chaddi

Middle Class – Underwear

Upper Class – Inneh’Wear



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  • Haha! I had such a good laugh reading this. Sarabhai was such a fun series to watch 🙂

    • Absolutely Hema, it used to be one of my favorite time pass serials those days!

  • maliny

    This was just hilarious 🙂

  • Nicely co-related. Had a laugh.

    • Thanks Upasna. Hope to see you more here.

  • Ruchi N

    :-), nice one…use to love that series and got a chance to watch one of the episode on you tube few weeks back…husband was very amused and could really relate his condition..now being a husband himself

    • You bet Ruchi! Husbands are the ones who really feel the heat, though I am lucky in this case 😉