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From Mumbai: Unexplored Places To Check Out With Your Bike - Dhakkanz

From Mumbai: Unexplored Places To Check Out With Your Bike

Every person with a wanderlust knows about the mainstream places you could go for a ride from the city of Mumbai and that is exactly why it is necessary to talk about these amazing off-beat places that we know you are going to love visiting.


Little less than 300 km from Mumbai, this forest campsite located near Saputara is one of those unexplored places where you can just sit back, chill and enjoy the view while being embraced with the sounds of the vibrant nature around you. Situated in the Vansda National Park, accommodation isn’t hard to find. Check out the Gira waterfalls while you are there.



Around 200 km from Mumbai city, this is one trip bikers would enjoy going through, as the path to Dapoli is filled with amazing roads that garner twists and turns throughout its entirety. Holding the beaches like Murud and Karde, you have to make this journey on your next adventure. People that do not own bikes, or are searching for better higher end bikes to enjoy these routes can count on technology, as now you can just log on to bike rental sites like and choose from various cool rides if you’re looking to rent a bike in Mumbai. For a secluded and cool spot check out Anjarla.



About 165 km from Mumbai, bikers should take this trip going via Murbad, as that route offers nice roads and even better twists through various ghats. Sleek water bodies, lovely greenery, and seductive hills, this place is a great way to get away from the rush of Bollywood City.



Around 284 km from Mumbai, just short of 300, landscapes is what defines Kaas. The beautiful sceneries and smell of pure nature makes this place worth a visit. The best time to visit here is right after the monsoons. Once you are here try heading on to Mahabaleshwar and check that place out too.


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