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How times are changing

I remember those days when I was quite young and my parents or grandparents would take me out for those household shopping. Those used to be small trips to either general stores for daily stuff or tiring walks at farmer’s market for fruits and vegetables.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them” ~ Andy Bernard

Welcome Tech Revolution!

Then as the time went on, many things changed. How we spend time with family, with friends. Our ways of communicating changed from those old Telephones to Mobile Phones and from calls to SMSes, etc. Even our ways of spending time has changed. We now spend time on Internet to kill time.

I guess you would be wondering that this is one of those nostalgic posts where one is remembering his past and cherishing it. Hmmm….I would cherish though.

But no! Actually today I went to Hypercity, for monthly shopping and I noticed a strange change in how we things are, again, ‘changing’. I mean shopping from such air-conditioned markets (read: hypermarkets) have already been a big change in our lives.

Hyper Market - Dhakkanz

With so many new startups starting up, there is one breed of startups which help you get your monthly grocery and food items. The big ones do stock with them, but the scene I saw today really surprised me. At the Hypercity, I saw some 5-6 guys who were running around with shopping carts and quickly buying stuff, as if they remembered every thing. I thought they were either getting late for some party, for which they were buying so much stuff or they were holding on to nature’s call (hahhaha….just joking!)

Later when I saw them tip-tapping on their smart devices and saw the logos on their T-shirts, then I could make out that they were employees of some online-grocery ordering websites. They were actually ‘shopping’ for their customers!

See, how things are changing. First we wanted to shop at so high-fi super markets, away from those dirty farmer’s market in scorching heats and now, we have become lazy (or busy) enough to ‘outsource’ these jobs to such companies.

No, I am not against such services. But this fact really disturbs me. Because, these services are not being used once-in-a-while, but we are so becoming so un-social. [Un-social is no word. But anti-social does not fit in here. Hence, un-social].

If I can see it right, in the very near future, I guess I will only meet these ‘customers’ at shopping malls, who will be buying things for their customers.

What do you think about such changing times? Share your thoughts with me.


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  • richasingh

    Oh I see them all the time right next to my society only! At the next door general store 😀


    • Hahhaha….Richa, I think I am experiencing this ‘change’ a bit too slow 😉

  • Leena Walawalkar

    Thats is a sad truth! Disadvantages of too advanced technology, and nobody even seems to realise.

    • Leena, yes. Things are changing and one aspect says it is going in incorrect direction. But this can be changed, and all the disadvantages will become advantages!