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Everything you need to know about fight between Salman Khan and Arijit - Dhakkanz

Everything you need to know about fight between Salman Khan and Arijit

The latest rumours doing rounds in the Bollywood’s grapevine is that Salman Khan got Arijit’s song removed from his movie Sultan. As people believe, Salman did this because Arijit had insulted Salman at one of the Award Functions some 3 years back.

Even Arijit has asserted that Salman Khan got his song removed from the movie and gave it to another established singer.


Here is what had happened

At a Start Guilds Awards night, 3 years back, Arijit Singh had won an award for one of his song. Arijit was wearing casuals and slippers that night and did not look his best, or in his own words – ‘didn’t look like a winner’. Look at his shabby attire, Salman Khan broke into laughter and said – “soye gaye thhe?’ [Translation: ‘Did you fall asleep?’]

According to Mumbai Mirros, nervous Arijit didn’t know what to do and replied to Salman – ‘Aap logo ne sula diya yaar tabse’. [Translation: ‘You guys made me sleep since’].


What Arijit has to say

“I was also nervous as it was my first awards show. Salman Khan looked at me and started to laugh as I obviously didn’t look like a winner in casuals and slippers. When he asked me if I had fallen asleep, it slipped out of my mouth from nervousness and embarrassment. It wasn’t directed at him or anyone in particular but I knew I shouldn’t have said it. I am a huge fan of Salman’s work and I felt terrible. When he hugged me on stage, I apologised in his ear and went back. The same night I texted him ‘sorry’ and followed it up with a long apology note. He replied in the morning with a rebuke and advised me on how to behave. But he added that he was okay, which made me happy and relieved. It was only later that I realised he wasn’t. I have been apologising for almost 3 years now.”


Salman’s side of the story

Arijit has been since seeking for apology from Salman, but it seems he is not all ears. When Indian Express asked Salman about his view, his answer was – “Who is that”?

On insistence, he recalled – “Achha that Singer!” and clarified that removal of a singer from a move is a business decision taken by the producer and director of the movie. For Sultan, even Salman’s voice was in competition, but was rejected. He also suggested that there is no need for anyone to get upset and hurt about it.


Our take on it

All we know is that things have already taken shape. Whether Salman was behind Arijit’s removal from the movie or not, that decision is in your hands. See this clip and decide who did what:



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