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Why Delhi University's cut-offs are going crazy - Dhakkanz
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Why Delhi University’s cut-offs are going crazy

It is that time of calendar when students will flock around the University campus of National Capital, Delhi. Yes, it is ‘Admissions’ time. It is that time when you find young lads, from all the over India, and some from other countries too, scrolling their fingers down the ‘lists’ on the notice boards of the colleges. And with the changing times, many of them would now be sitting at their friends and scrolling their laptop screens to find out which college their fate will land them. It is the time when first ‘Cut-off List’ is released.

Now, look at the table below and guess what is happening!

Delhi University - Cutoffs 2015 (First List)

CollegeB.A Hons. (Eco)B.A. Hons. (English)B. Com. Hons.B. Com. PassB.Sc. Hons. (Statistics)
Hindu College98.00%97.75%97.25%NA97.75%
St. Stephens98.50%99.00%NANANA
Kirorimal College (KMC)98.00%96.75%97.25%96.25%97.00%

Can you believe the cut-offs  soaring so high? With every year passing, these cutoffs are inching towards 100%. With the most popular colleges increasing cut-offs for popular courses (such as B. Com. Hons., Economics Hons., etc), the chances of a students, passing with below 95% (best of 4), getting admissions in them is getting dim.

One of my relatives had to say this, who has scored 93% and best 4 subjects is 94.5%:

“It is like wasting time going to such colleges and even thinking about going to these colleges, at least only after the first list!!”

But, would there be a 2nd list for these colleges? Usually not. Delhi University has 54,000 seats# and there are more than 2.9 lac# applications received for admissions in total. That is like more than 5 applications per seat! And not just this, the number of students scoring more than 85% is almost 70,000#!


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